Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Breaking Dawn Quotes: Day 9.2

"Alice skipped into the room ahead of everyone else, her hand stretched out in front of her and impatience making a nearly visible aura around her.  In her palm was an everyday brass key with an oversized pink satin bow tied around it.
She held the key out for me, and I automatically gripped Renesmee more securely in my right arm so that I could open my left.  Alice dropped the key into it
"Happy Birthday!" she squealed.
I rolled my eyes.  "No one starts counting on the actual day of birth," I reminded her.  "Your first birthday is at the year mark, Alice."
Her grin turned smug.  "We're not celebrating your vampire birthday.  Yet.  It's September thirteenth, Bella.  Happy nineteenth birthday!" ~ Bella and Alice , chpt 23

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