Wednesday, 28 September 2011


The Iron Knight (Iron Fey, #4)
The Iron Knight Trailer has been released, and I'm glad to finally have seen it after all the gushing I've read from Julie Kagawa on twitter!  It definitely lives up to all the hype!!  WOWZERS!!  Here's the link to the trailer from Julie's blog - you need a facebook account to view it, though...

Come onnnnnnnnnn, October 25th...........

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bruno Mars’ ‘It Will Rain’ From Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Released

Bruno Mars’ ‘It Will Rain’ From Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Released

I really like this!  And I hope that the rest of the soundtrack is just as good - even without the requisite Muse song... ( or Blue October - but that`s a rant for another day!)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Happy Birthday, Bella (or My Most Favorite Time of The Year)

Ok, anyone who really knows me, gets just how much of a TwiHard I am.  If you don't know me - well that's a little tid bit you'll soon figure out, I'm sure.  In my crescent I'm known as the vampire neighbour (that's a story for another day....)  I confess I've been keeping my little obsession on the down low for a while now just because I've greatly annoyed just about everyone on my facebook page with all the posts relating to 'The Fandom'.  I think the final straw was the posts 3 times a day featuring quotes from Eclipse in the month leading up to the movie premiere - I had many comments from my fellow twi-friends saying how much they loved them, friends who never read the books who were suddenly interested in them, or family asking why on earth I keep posting them.  I thought after all that that I should give the 'non-believers' a break.Well, I'm happy to report that the Twifan in me has been brought out of hibernation!!  So break out the Vampire wine and throw those feathers because the day has finally arrived!  YES - it's Bella's birthday - the day we finally get to see the first official WHOLE Breaking Dawn Trailer!!!  The day I let it all hang out....again....

(It's OK - Let out a loud SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Now!!)


So - never mind the premiere night - which will be so much fun, because we (as in my fav twi-friend, partner-in-crime, Sarah, and I) always have fun waiting in line at our local theater wearing sparkles and playing Twilight games with whomever we meet in line with us. Forget that. WHY? Because I've already had THAT shindig planned out since the date for Breaking Dawn pt1 was announced - The royal WE are going on premiere night, we'll be wearing our sparkles, Team Edward shirts, AND we get to finally add our feather boa collection. WE are going to get in line early, watch the previous movies ( favorite scenes only) on the laptop,  discuss our favorite costumes and who has the worst wigs from what movie, and maybe get to meet a few more local twi hards to whom we can show off our pictures from our trip to Forks and Oregon ( OH YES WE DID go to Forks and  the movie sets in St Helen and area....)  If any one is interested I may be persuaded to share some of those pics and experiences.....  BUT as I mentioned before - never mind all that!!  Because it's time for me to start to plan another little tradition - the DVD release Twi-party I throw at my house.  OH yes - par-tay - this party in particular - The Wedding Party..... ( I hear a sqeeeeee in my head just thinking about it)

The previous 3 humble parties I've had were themed around a Prom Night pajama party, Happy 18th Birthday, and Graduation,(of course...)  But I plan to top off my red-velvet Eclipse cheesecake (Oh YES I DID!! I made it! But that's another story, too...) with the Wedding-Shower-To-End-All-Twilight-Wedding-Showers - We're going to have feathers everywhere, wedding cake, and, dare I say champagne?? And who knows what other goodies will tickle my fancy in the weeks leading up to March.  The point is, I get to let myself obsess on that now!  I get to start to plan it out, and dream of the fun and hilarity that can only happen in a room full of Twihard moms. I get to make my annual photo slide show of movie stills.  I get to plan a menu. I get to collect quirky decorations( which in the past has included mirror balls, authentic La Push drift wood, and homemade props inspired from the book covers) And my favorite part - I get to sample wines with funny names like Red Truck, and Jacob's Creek, and Black Swan to see what I want to serve my guests ( the requisite Vampire wine is always a hit - there really is a wine called that!)  I've been waiting for this party since my very first twi-party - the one that celebrates my favorite book in the series.  I've been longing for the day when I get to be a part of the biggest wedding excitement of the year. I've been dreaming of it and wishing for it, and.... you get the point!  And YES - I will share all the craziness with you!

Cheesecake, anyone?

So what about when after it's all said and done, and the cake is gone, and the wine has flowed.... Well there's always The-Baby-Shower-To-End-All-Twi-Baby-Showers...  Wait until you hear what I've got planned for that one!!!

PS  Will I be posting Breaking Dawn quotes 3 times a day in the month before this movie is out?  Hell ya!  And now that I've joined twitter and started this baby blog, I get to spread the love with sooooo many more people this time! *rubs my hands in anticipation*  Hope to see you there!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Happy Book Birthday to ALL HALLOWS MOON by S.M. Reine

Just wanted to say a quick 'CONGRATULATIONS!!' To Sara
on the release of her new book
*raise a glass of champagne for a toast*

Go check it out here!

Also check out Book 1 in the Seasons of the Moon series, SIX MOON SUMMER

I'll have a review coming shortly.....