Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Breaking Dawn Quotes: Day 28

"How many times had I imagined her naked?  Now I couldn't look.  I was afraid to have these memories in my head.
"What's happening, Edward?"
"He's suffocating!"
"The placenta must have detached!"
Somewhere in this, Bella came around.  She responded to their words with a shriek that clawed at my eardrums.
"Get him OUT!, she screamed. "He can't BREATHE! Do it NOW!" ~Jacob, Edward, and Bella, chpt 18

"And the she went totally limp, slumping toward the floor.  Rosalie caught her in the same instant, before she could fall.  Edward was there too, hands out, the mess on the sofa forgotten.
"Bella?" he asked, and then his eyes unfocused, and panic shot across his features.
A half second later, Bella screamed....
~Edward, chpt 17


  1. I think I forgot just how gory this part was.... hmmmm be interesting to see how the movie handles it - 2 days away!!! :)

  2. Why are they saying HE........I thought they know IT was a SHE??? SC

  3. Nope - Bella was sure it was going to be a boy with Edward's green eyes ( the color he had when he was human) His name was going to be Edward Jacob - EJ for short.