Sunday, 13 November 2011

Breaking Dawn Quotes: Day 26

'If you can't or won't control Leah, then I-"
"Leah?" I interrupted, speaking through my teeth. "What happened?"
Edward's face was hard.  "She came up to see why you'd left so abruptly.  I tried to explain.  I suppose it might not have come out right."
"What did she do?"
"She phased out of her human form and - She wanted to speak to Bella."
"To Bella?"
Edward got all hissy then.  "I won't let Bella be upset like that again. I don't care how justified Leah thinks she is!  I didn't hurt her - of course I wouldn't - but I'll throw her out of the house if it happens again.  I'll launch her right across the river-"
"Wait - Leah was yelling at Bella about me?"
He nodded one sharp nod.  "You were quite vehemently championed." ~Edward and Jacob, chpt 17

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