Monday, 14 November 2011

Breaking Dawn Quotes: Day 27

"Tomorrow, she'd be my enemy.  Or she'd be my ally.  And, apparently, that distinction was up to me." ~ Jacob, chpt 17

"I have to ask you for something - to beg, if I must."
"I don't have anything left," I choked out.
He lifted his hand again, as if to put it on my shoulder, but then let it drop like before and sighed.
"I know how much you have given," he said quietly.  "But this is something you do have, and only you.  I'm asking this of the true Alpha, Jacob.  I'm asking this of Ephraim's heir."
I was way past being able to respond.
"I want your permission to deviate from what we agreed to in the treaty with Ephraim.  I want you to grant us an exception.  I want your permission to save her life.  You know I'll do it anyway, but I don't want to break faith with you if there is any way to avoid  it." ~ Edward and Jacob, chpt 17

"I'm sorry," he whispered.  "I'm truly sorry for the pain this causes you, Jacob.  Though you hate me. I must admit that I don't feel the same about you.  I think of you as a...a brother in many ways.  A comrade in arms, at the very least.  I regret your suffering more than you realize.  But Bella is going to survive"- when he said that his voice was fierce, even violent-"and I know that's what really matters to you." ~ Edward, chpt 17

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