Sunday, 11 November 2012

Breaking Dawn Quotes: Day 27.2

"Renesmee reached out to twine her fingers in the fur over his massive shoulder, and her body relaxed a little bit.  She was calmer with Jacob close.  I felt a tiny bit better too.  As long as Jacob was with Renesmee, she would be all right." ~ Bella, chpt 35


  1. my least favorite part about the series was that renesmee and jacob's little romance. It's nasty! I love love jacob and renesmee is a cutie... but I get the pedo vibe from them together!

    1. LOL there's a creepy way to take it and then there's the grand protector way to take it.... I try real hard to stick with the 'protector' attitude! Because, yeah it's too creepy to think about.... That and how J might possibly be a 30 yr old virgin waiting for R to 'catch up'! Makes me LMAO!!!