Thursday, 1 November 2012

Breaking Dawn Quotes: Day 17.2

"Hey, we'll let them decide."  Emmett's said in a placating tone.  "I'm not saying they have to fight with us."  I could see the plan refining itself in his head as he spoke.  "If they'd just stand beside us, just long enough to make the Volturi hesitate.  Bella's right, after all.  If we could force them to stop and listen.  Though that might take away any reason for a fight..."
"Yes," Esme said eagerly, "That makes sense, Emmett.  All we need is for the Volturi to pause for one moment.  Just long enough to listen."
"We'd need quite a show of witnesses," Rosalie said... ~ Emmett, Esmee, and Rosalie, chpt 28

Calling all Cullen supporters....

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