Monday, 14 January 2013

The Final Twilight Party Has A Date....

It was announced today that the final Twilight movie (Which is Breaking Dawn Part 2, in case you were living under a rock....) is going to be released on March 2 - and that means I am now officially in party planning mode!  How am I going to outdo myself after the last party - the one where I made a wedding cake, and we had champagne, and made feather fascinators..... Ahhhh good times.......

Well, all I know is that right now, my co-host, Sarah, and I are already talking 'baby shower', 'cake pop experiments', 'wine labels', and 'name that vampire'.... and I can't forget about the brainstorming on imprinting... OH YEAH, we are going to do that one way or another!

This is my last chance to have a Twilight party, and I suppose I'm wanting to go out with a bang. Have you ever been to a Twilight party?  What were some of your highlights?  How nuts do you think I am......?

Now please excuse me while I Google 'Twilight party decorations' and see what pops up this time.... (Oh go ahead and do it, you know you're curious now...)


  1. This sounds like so much fun, Tammy! I'm sorry I have to miss it ... sounds like you have some good plans gong already. :)

    1. Ah but you will be having fun of your own at a concert :)