Wednesday, 20 June 2012


It's Edward's eleventieth birthday, so to celebrate, I'm posting this lovely slideshow.  YES - they are all my favorite 'Edward' Moments from the Twilight saga.... so far......Ladies, grab a seat and a beverage, this is going to be a good one!!!

*now who didn't love these scenes?*

* This is, hands down, my favorit-est of the favorite pics in this collection!*

*Personally, the Eclipse look is the best 'Edward" from all the movies - Ohhh Yeahhhhhhh*

*It's my slideshow - I can add a few fan made pics too.... ;) *

 I'm sure this time next year I'll have a few more to add to this file ... after BD2 comes out.....  Only 148 days to go!!!  *tap tap tap*  - maybe I'll start planning the Twilight baby shower party while I'm waiting...

Which are your favorite pictures?  Leave a comment :)

Now I admit, I have no idea where I lifted most of these pictures...  They have been on a file in my computer for quite a while now...... no copy write  infractions are intended.

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