Friday, 15 June 2012

Coming Soon - From Katie M John

Katie M John's new book, Star Fire, is released on June 30.  It's the greatly anticipated third book in her Knight Trilogy series.  To celebrate this fantastic finale, I will be giving away some goodies:

1 Ebook set of the trilogy, via Smash Words (which is suitable for all e-readers)  The set will include:
    book one (The Forest of Adventures), book two (Immortal Beloved) & book three (Star Fire)
1 The Forest of the Adventures signed postcard
1 Immortal Beloved signed postcard
1 Star Fire signed postcard
3 Knight Trilogy magnets

This is, of course, an International giveaway    YAY

Look for an upcoming review and more details on the contest June 30.  See you there!

Also,  check out book 1 - The Forest of Adventures, and book 2 - Immortal Beloved ( and that super HOT new cover!)

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